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Dr. Ribas was born in New York, but grew up in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.
He got his medical degree from the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina and finished his Cardiology training at the Instituto Modelo de Cardiologia de Cordoba, associated with the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, Argentina.
Then, in 2002 he moved to Canada to pursuit a Fellowship in Electrophysiology and Pacing at McMaster University, Hamilton Health Sciences.
He is a staff Cardiologist at the Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare.
The main focus of his practice is cardiac arrhythmia management, pacemakers and ICD implant.

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Dr. Charles Tomlinson

Dr. Tomlinson is a cardiologist focused in electro-diagnostic and non-invasive cardiology and an Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University.

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Dr. Patrick Magloire

Associate Professore of Medicine, McMaster University.

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Dr. Maude Sestier

Graduated cardiology from University of Montreal. Currently doing a cardio-oncology fellowship in Hamilton.

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